Paul Reeve is a record producer from Cornwall, UK and has BPI awards for over 5 million record sales.

During his time as chief engineer at The Airfield Studios in Cornwall and during regular stints at the nearby Sawmills Studios and Air studios in London he has worked with some highly respected and regarded producers, including the afore mentioned John Leckie as well as John Cornfield, Sam Williams and Chris Allison.

Reeve has worked with many artists, including Beta Band, Muse, Steve Harley, Ruarri Joseph, Andrew Bate, Razorlight and Supergrass. He produced Muse’s debut EPs Muse and Muscle Museum EP, of which three tracks, “Uno”, “Muscle Museum”, and “Unintended” have been released as singles, the last entering the UK chart at number 20. As well as co-production on Muse’s ‘Showbiz’ and ‘Absolution’ albums, Paul co-produced and mixed a large selection of b-sides for the Muse compilation Hullabaloo Soundtrack.

After mixing COX’s ‘Rien A Perdre’ album for Barclay in early 2003, Paul was called in to co-produce tracks for the number one MUSE album, ‘Absolution’ for Taste Media. 2004 saw him Producing and Mixing a new album and DVD by DAVID HALLYDAY/NOVA 6 for Mercury Records, France, and co-producing material for the debut RAZORLIGHT album for Universal. 

In 2005, he finished Producing and mixing the new album for THE GENERAL STORE and was developing new projects with Dangerous Records. He also was guitarist and Musical Director for the NOVA 6 European tour for Alias productions. In 2007, Paul worked with Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys) as engineer on the MILBURN album for Universal and produced tracks for the RUARRI JOSEPH debut album for Atlantic.

In 2009, Paul was asked to produce the vocals for the hugely successful Muse single ‘Uprising’ In 2010-2011 Paul produced the Fainting in Coils EP by Andrew Bate, citing the singer as having “One of most beautiful male voices I’ve ever heard”. In 2012, Paul co-produced vocals for the 2012 Muse album, Second Law. He has credits on 41 Muse release formats.

Paul now regularly mixes projects from his mix room and continues to develop promising artists in the UK and Europe.

“It’s about emotion. If you haven’t got that right, any technical skill is wasted. I’ve been working with artists in the studio since my early 20’s and have been privileged to work with some really talented and cool people. For me, it’s all about getting to know someone enough to get the measure of how they want the record to sound. My first experiences of studios were as a singer songwriter and I know how great it can feel to get what you meant to down on ‘tape’.