Music production and engineering

Whatever the size of your project, you will enjoy the benefit of experience and create a provenance for your record.

  • Scope to work with all experience levels
  • Solutions to fit almost every budget 
  • In house or partnership project management

Paul is a great engineer and producer and in particular has a great ear for vibe, energy and general performance. He is a great motivator.” 

My favourite thing about Paul’s work is the fact that somehow he injects an undercurrent into everything he does, he makes it sound like it’s alive!…He helped me realise my ideas for the songs and how to put them together more effectively. And the man is an octopus, he managed to find a time to be engineer, producer, mixer and still managed to talk to each of us privately and discreetly and give us notes on how to enhance our performances without being in any way intrusive. I may have written the record but Paul brought it to life.”